PRESS RELEASE_November 2016

Press Release

9 November 2016

The Hellenic Fiscal Council (HFC) chaired by Panagiotis Korliras published on November 8th 2016 its first Biannual Report regarding the fiscal and macroeconomic developments, posted on its website (

Regarding the short-term perspective, the HFC considers that the fiscal targets for the current year 2016 are surely achievable, whereas the attainment of the fiscal and macroeconomics targets for the year 2017 is feasible under conditions.

As any fiscal targets set for the coming years are related to the dynamics of economic growth, the Report discusses and evaluates the prospect of setting targets with high primary surpluses.

Obviously, the outcome of the current Review, with what will be agreed and reflected in the Medium-Term Program, will affect the claim of the Hellenic Fiscal Council that the winter 2016-2017 may be a turning point in the course of the economic crisis from 2010 to date.

The desired outcome, apart from the achievement of the set fiscal targets, is to bring the Greek Economy in a path of sustainable recovery.